Happy 10th Birthday Roomba!

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Happy Birthday! WooHoo!!
I’m ONE of many reasons Mommy needs a new Roomba!  Happy Birthday!
Roomba… it’s a Classic!!
The Future of Roomba is NOW!!
HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY From the Mess Maker!! 
The Day The Earth Got Roomba…
UFR = Unidentified Flying Roomba
Cleaning the coming-winter sky. Happy birthday Roomba! <3
Here is a toast to many more years A Round.
I have a 2 year old son with autism, and he has a tendency to put whatever is on the floor in his mouth.  Given the amount of hair my dog sheds in a given day (what you see here is about 2 days worth in one room), and the time spent taking him to therapy and keeping everything clean, you can imagine I don’t have much time for myself or fitness.  I would LOVE x5 million the opportunity to own a Roomba!!  It would help us so much!